Silt’s Custom Build Experts

Silver Star Auto Body Repair is an award-winning garage in downtown Silt that specializes in creating unique custom-built vehicles. Our years of experience combined with the finesse, precision and passion of our team of highly skilled mechanics and design technicians is what sets us apart. There may be other custom build garages in Silt but there is only one Silver Star Auto Body Repair. Our level of expertise is unrivalled and you will not find a more customer-centered approach to client relations anywhere in the city.

We know that investing in a custom-built car is a serious undertaking. From both a financial and time perspective, it requires a lot of perseverance to work on a custom-built car. However, if you choose Silver Star Auto Body Repair you can rest assured knowing that your time will not be wasted. Our detailed and affordable process ensures that no matter your idea or budget, we will be able to work with you to create the dream car you have always wanted. Don’t sell your dreams short. Call the garage you can trust today.

Constant Pursuit of Perfection

Our mechanics are driven by new challenges and are always on the lookout for new and innovative means of restoring or rebuilding customized models to best meet our customer’s unique preferences. The cars and trucks that we build at Silver Star Auto Body Repair are awe-inspiring works of beauty that will be the talk of the neighborhood. We will not cut corners with cheap imitation materials such as plastic and fiberglass, but rather all of our custom-built vehicles use vintage North American steel. For us, creating a custom-built vehicle is much more than a process, it’s a passion. And because it is a passion, it needs to be treated as such. This means that every detail down to the smallest bolt is correct and suited to the overall character and history of the car. Only then will we be truly happy with our efforts.

One Stop Shop for All Your Custom Build Needs

There is a reason why so many Silt drivers have invested in our service throughout the years and we do all we can to repay this custom and loyalty every single day. Whether it’s rebuilding an old Corvette or adding tinted windows to your current model, Silver Star Auto Body Repair can do it all. This includes everything from sourcing and applying the best car paint, to installing the perfect car audio system to meet your listening needs.

We don’t just design and build custom cars however. We also specialize in bikes, trucks and vintage cars. Our broad range of custom build skills ensures that we can provide the best service as possible. It also ensures that no matter what kind of design you are looking for in Silt, we will have the skill and knowhow to help.