Rifle’s Paint-less Dent Repair Experts

At Silver Star Auto Body Repair we specialize in paint-less dent repair. In fact, we are proud to say that it was one of the first repair services that we offered Rifle customers when starting this business many years ago. Unlike regular dent repair that can often require extensive remodeling and panel beating, paint-less dent repair requires a much more subtle approach.

Our skilled dent repair technicians have removed dents in thousands of Rifle vehicles down through the years and our approach has remained the same. By gently and patiently messaging the dents out from the back of the panel using a range of specialized tools, we can have your car back to its very best without removing a scrape of paint.

This approach will save you time and money and is the best way to fix small dings and bumps. A car is a major investment and we know how frustrating it can be find a dent. The important thing is not to make the problem worse by choosing an inferior garage to repair the problem. Silver Star Auto Body Repair offers an unrivalled repair service that is effective and affordable. Call today for our limited-time offers and flexible payment plans.

Benefits of Paint-less Dent Repair

There are a number of benefits to investing in paint-less dent repair from a reputable garage such as ours. The main one being quality. The reason for this is simple. Unlike other forms of dent repair paint-less dent repair requires no grinding, primers or fillers to remove the dent. What’s more, your car’s factory paint will remain intact. The dent is removed rather than repaired, and paint-less dent repair ensures that there are no signs of the dent occurring in the first place.

Another major advantage to paint-less dent repair is cost. An average conventional dent repair could cost you up to four times as much as our competitive and affordable paint-less option.

They say that time is money and with a paint-less dent repair you will save both. Not only is it cheaper than conventional repair work but paint-less dent repair is much quicker too. This means less off-road time for you and less upheaval for your family.

Finally, by ensuring that the integrity of your vehicle’s original paint work is maintained, paint-less dent repair is helping the environment. Removing the need for a full paint recovery not only reduces time and cost, but also removes the need for any additional chemicals or toxins to be released in the environment.

Can all Dents be Fixed With Paint-less Dent Removal?

The answer to this question is no. While minor dents can certainly be removed using this method, deeper dents or those located in certain parts of your vehicle may require the more conventional method. As a rule of thumb we generally suggest that dents as large as a plate can be repaired but bigger ones will require a different approach.